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Volvo Boats Begin Leg Four

Written by Cathy Siegismund
January 2002

January 27, is the beginning of Leg Four of the Volvo Ocean Race. Leg Four will take the Volvo boats from Auckland, New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It is the longest leg and will likely be the toughest, as it covers the Southern Ocean and rounds Cape Horn (the southern tip of South America); the name alone can strike fear into the hearts of most sailors.

Live screen counting down to race time

Auckland again turned out in best form to say goodbye and good luck to the Volvo Ocean racers. A number of us again, took the ferry over to the viaduct basin to watch the preparations, and join the farewell festivities.

The viaduct was again packed, as it had been for the arrival of the Volvo boats.

Auckland's viaduct basin is again packed watching the Volvo boats prepare to leave

Volvo boats ready to leave, displaying their sponsor's flags

Team ASSA ABLOY's crew preparing to depart

ASSA ABLOY's fans seem more excited than the crew

Waiting for the rest of the crew

Arrival of the crew for team DJuice

Amer Sport Too, the all woman's team

Team Newscorp with their Bart Simpson mascot

After several hours of preparation and build up, the Volvo boats start to motor out of the viaduct, heading for the start line.

ASSA ABLOY with two Kiwi flag bearers on the spreaders

SEB leaving and their fans giving them a send off

After the boats left the viaduct, our group and several thousands of other people took off for the North Shore to stake out a good vantage point on one of the hills to watch the start.

Nik, Jen, and Brian

Cath and Sue

The Volvo boats jostle for a good starting position accompanied by hundreds of Kiwi boats in the Hauraki Gulf.

We felt very lucky to be in Auckland, when the Volvo Ocean Race boats made their stop. We look forward to being in Auckland for the upcoming America's cup.

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