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Kaikoura Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
March 2002

We arrived in Kaikoura in the early evening, so we had the tourist information center book a room for us. The hotel was average, but its restaurant had unique facade.

Hotel restaurant

Mussel Boys Kaikoura restaurant


The peninsula by Kaikoura

Bed and Breakfast were we stayed our second night in Kaikoura

We signed up for a tour of the fur seal colony. We had a guide that took us across a small channel in an inflatable to the colony. As it was late in the season, it was just Ken and I and another couple from the UK. Apparently, there weren't as many seals as there were earlier in the summer, but we still saw quite a few and saw a number of pups. We also saw unique star fish and barnacles.

Our favorite was the decorator crab. It is a small crab that sticks pieces of seaweed in the back of its shell for camouflage.



Fur Seals



Peninsula at Kaikoura and location of the fur seal colony


Barnacle                                                  Starfish


Decorator Crab                                                Breaking surf by the seal colony


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