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Our adventure began in August, 2000 when we left our home in Seattle and headed south. We've covered a lot of miles since our departure but are still less than a third of the way around the world!

We've been having the trip of a lifetime and we'd like to share it with you here. Cathy maintains a journal of our travels and we've taken lots of pictures to help share the story.

Explore the world with us by clicking a leg of our journey below or visit the multimedia page to view our collection of panoramas and video clips.

Path of Felicity
(click map for a larger version)

getting started

Before we set out on our cruising adventure, we enjoyed sailing our home waters around Western Washington and British Columbia.

pacific ocean

future plans

After four years of cruising and living abroad, we have moved back to Seattle and have shipped Felicity home using Dockwise Yacht Transport. Our plans for now include sailing the beautiful Pacific Northwest and enjoying the comforts of home while we work hard towards fulfilling future dreams.


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