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A&P Show Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
February 2003

We headed out to Helensville, about a 45 minute drive from Auckland to go to the annual A&P show. A&P shows are like county fairs in the US and reminded us of the Puyallup fair. We saw everything from prize winning vegetables to sheep costume classes, to sheep dog trial to a horse show.

Sheep class

One of the first things we watched was a class for kids and their sheep. They had raised them, groomed them, and in most cases dressed them up. Everyone one got one prize or another.



They had other live stock shows with a variety of sheep, cattle, and even alpacas. There were also several wood shopping competitions, with saws, axes, teams and individual.


Wood chopping competition

As New Zealand has a  strong Irish and Scottish heritage and that was shown by all of the Scottish and Irish dance performances.


Irish dance performance

As any good county fair has, there was a pavilion with prize winning baked goods, preserves, and of course vegetables. One of our favorites where the prize eggs, with the shells carefully displayed. We have to admit that the subtleties of first, second, and so on prize winners were somewhat lost on us.


Prize winning produce

Apparently, some very special eggs

There were also collages from local schools displayed around the A&P Show.


Cow Collages (Manukau is a nearby town)

There were also rides, food stalls, carnival rides, and displays selling farm equipments, irrigation systems fruit and veges and crafts. There was also display of antique engines which grabbed Ken's attention.



Antique Engines

They had a little horse show with pony classes, some interesting jumping classes, an Arab costume class, which fascinated Ken and an entire day of miniature horse classes including jumping.

Arab costume class

I find the miniature horses such a riot to watch. They behave just like big horses, but are the size of a large dog. Some are very cute and quite good jumpers.


A miniature stallion, we figured had to be rather embarrassed by his floral patterned blanket and hood

Our favorite event and the main reason we attended the A&P show was to see the sheep dog trials. We never tire of watching these dogs work the sheep. It is really impressive.




Sheep Dog Trials

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