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Drew and Vernita

We met Drew and Vernita in Seattle when Layla was berthed across from us in Elliott Bay Marina. Layla is a stunning, dark-green Panda 40 - a 40' version of Felicity. After leaving on our trip within a couple of weeks of each other, we've seen them quite often while crossing the Pacific. For close to a month in the Society islands the boats were inseparable - quite literally as we tied off to each other often as we explore Huahine and Bora Bora. Drew and Vernita have become close friends of ours. They now have a son (Matthew) and two cats (Spud and Elsie) and have returned to Seattle after living in New Zealand for nearly three years.

Visit their web site at: www.svlayla.com



Jason and Tam

We met Jason and Tam in Seattle as well when their boat was also berthed across from us. Rainsong is a Taswell 43 which was built in the same yard as Layla and Felicity. Like Drew and Vernita, Jason and Tam left at about the same time as us and we've become great friends while traveling together in Mexico and across the Pacific. They continued on to Australia without us in 2002-2003 and have now returned to Seattle to start a family.

Visit their web site at: www.rainsong.net



Jan and Signe

We met Jan and Signe briefly in Seattle at a SALTS medical course. But we really got to know them during the Baja Ha Ha and cruising with them in Mexico. Raven is a beautiful Sundeer 64 and is a very fast cruising boat. Jan and Signe crossed the Pacific a season after us and caught up to us in New Zealand.

Visit their web site at: www.ravencruise.com


Garth and Wendy

We met Garth and Wendy on the Baja Ha Ha and were quite glad to meet another couple cruising on a small boat, not to mention one from Seattle. Velella is a Wylie 31 which is the same length as Felicity and at half our weight is much faster. Garth circled the world as a kid and they are excited to be out doing it themselves now. We shared lots of adventures together through Mexico and the South Pacific and Garth and Wendy is still out cruising the Pacific.


Paul and Suzette

We met Paul and Suzette briefly on the Baja Ha Ha and got to know them better in Mexico through Wendy and Garth on Velella who raced with them in Seattle. Altair is a Cal 35 and is now on it's second circumnavigation (Paul and Suzette's first).

Green Ghost

Nik and Jen

We met Nik and Jen in Hiva Oa after being told several times by Drew and Vernita on Layla, "you gotta meet these guys!" They were right. We've shared many adventures with them including screaming around Moorea on "angry hornets" (mopeds). Green Ghost is a Tayana 42 and Nik and Jen are also from the Pacific Northwest with a home port of Vancouver, BC.


Ed and Rachel

We met Ed and Rachel in Niue and enjoyed exploring "the Rock" with them. Ed left from Boston and came down the east coast and through the Panama Canal before crossing the Pacific with Rachel. Horai is a Cheoy Lee Offshore 42.

Tamarac II

Terry and Gayl

We met Terry and Gayl in Mexico. They had planned on crossing the South Pacific the year before but gear issues after leaving California sent them to Cabo and they decided to "do Mexico." No surprise as these guys are the easiest-going couple we've met - as well as one of the funniest! Tamarac II is a Westsail 32 and was left on the hard in the Society Islands in late 2001 while Terry and Gayl returned home to California for cyclone season. While home they decided to start a family and sell Tamarac II.


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