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Welcome to the virtual home of Felicity, a 31' sailboat from Seattle that has cruised across the Pacific. We created this site to help stay in touch with family and friends and to share our experiences with fellow cruisers and those getting ready to "live the dream."

share our adventures

Cathy has kept a journal of our travels including lots (and lots!) of pictures. The journal covers our trip from Seattle to Mexico and across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia following the traditional Coconut Milk Run.

  Our dream destination: Bora Bora

Felicity at anchor in Ua Pou, Marquesas  

visit felicity

Felicity is a 1987 Tashiba 31 designed by Bob Perry and built in Taiwan by the Ta Shing yard. Come visit our 31' home by taking a virtual tour of Felicity in the boat section. Read about our extensive refit and a report card on our systems and equipment after more10,000 sea miles.

read cruising articles

Sometimes we forget just how much we've learned since embarking on this adventure. For future cruisers interested in our perspective, we share our thoughts on topics ranging from our "ideal" cruising yacht to various lessons we've learned. We also published a 50+ page First-Timer's Guide to the Coconut Milk Run  for the cruisers that left from Mexico in March/April of 2002. Find these articles and more in the Articles section.

  What's New

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have provided support and encouragement along our journey. This has been a wonderful experience and we're glad to have been able to share it with you through this site.

March 2010
Felicity has been sold. Jeremy, we wish you many exciting adventures and know that you'll be just the right person to care for this wonderfully capable boat. Bon voyage!

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